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Alexa Fluor 488 meta-isomer

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Alexa Fluor 488 meta-isomer

Molecular formula: C21H12Li2N2O11S2
Alexa Fluor 488 meta-isomer
Dilithium 5-carboxy-2-(3,6-diamino-4,5-disulfonato-9-xantheniumyl)benzoate(IUPAC)
Xanthylium, 3,6-diamino-9-(2,4-dicarboxyphenyl)-4,5-disulfo-, inner salt, lithium salt (1:2)(CAS)
dilithium 5-carboxy-2-(3,6-diamino-4,5-disulfonatoxanthenium-9-yl)benzoate(IUPAC)


Elemental composition
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