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Molecular formula: Cl^- CAS# 16887-00-6
Categories: Anion
Chloride anion
Chloride ion (1-)
Chlorine ion(1-)
Chlorine, ion
Chlorine, ion (Cl1-)
Hydrochloric acid, ion(1-)
Hydrochloricacid, ion(1-)
chloride ion


Related Compounds
Salt: Potassium chloride; Sodium chloride; Calcium chloride; Magnesium chloride; Ammonium chloride; Iron(II) chloride; Iron(III) chloride; Manganese(II) chloride; Manganese (III) chloride; Nickel(II) chloride; Copper(II) chloride; Copper(I) chloride; Lead(II) chloride; Lead tetrachloride; Gold(III) chloride; Lithium chloride; Rubidium chloride; Strontium chloride; Barium chloride; Mercury(II) chloride; Chromium(II) chloride; Cadmium chloride; Aluminium chloride; Chromium(III) chloride; Silver chloride; Molybdenum(5+) pentachloride; Molybdenum tetrachloride; Molybdenum(III) chloride; Molybdenum(II) chloride; Tin(II) chloride; Platinum(II) chloride; Molybdenum(6+) hexachloride; Palladium(II) chloride; Caesium chloride; Beryllium chloride; Titanium tetrachloride; Gallium trichloride; Gallium monochloride; Titanium(II) chloride; Titanium(III) chloride; Antimony pentachloride; Nitrosyl chloride; Hexamminecobalt(III) chloride; Cobalt(II) chloride; Tungsten hexachloride; Tungsten(V) chloride; Trichlorotungsten; tungsten(II) chloride; Hydrazinium chloride; Gold(I) chloride; Diazanediium dichloride; Lanthanum(III) chloride; Vanadium(II) chloride; Vanadium(III) chloride; Vanadium tetrachloride; Hexaamminevanadium(III) chloride; Iridium(III) chloride; Iridium(IV) Chloride; Suxamethonium chloride; Europium(III) chloride; Europium(II) chloride; Hafnium(II) chloride; Hafnium(III) chloride; Hafnium(I) chloride; Hafnium tetrachloride; Scandium chloride; Yttrium(III) chloride; Zirconium(IV) chloride; Bismuth chloride; Bismuth oxychloride; Chlorobismuth; Platinum(IV) chloride; diamminesilver(I) chloride; Methylene blue; Osmium(III) chloride; Osmium(IV) chloride; Osmium(2+) dichloride; Bisbenzimide trihydrochloride; Hoechst 34580; Janus Green B; Methyl Green; Tolonium chloride; Rhenium(IV) chloride; Rhenium trichloride; Diamminecopper(I) chloride; Tetraamminedichloroplatinum(II); Nitryl Chloride; Cerium(III) chloride; Technetium(IV) chloride
Elemental composition
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Symbol Element Atomic weight Number of atoms Mass percent

Reactions in which Chloride is involved

  • H{R} <=> H^+ + {R}^- , where R = F Cl Br I NO3 NO2
  • SbCl5 + Cl^- -> [SbCl6]^-
  • AgCl + Cl^- -> [AgCl2]^-